Selected Work

A Kafka Manual | Third Point

Martin Kippenberger’s Bicycle and Sophocles | The Maynard

Solvent | Columbia Journal 

Fantastic Fish Mask, The Green Hat, Day 7, The Mask of Dimitrios | SurVision

Asp, Repeat Offender | Up North Lit

Oblivion Letter | Frontier

Self-Portrait as Invisible Being and Veil | Kestrel

Far Village, Van Gogh | Sequestrum

Francis Bacon’s The Black Triptychs | Pigeonholes

My Other Novel, Father’s Box | The American Journal of Poetry

Self-Portrait in Wooden Chair, Two Weeks with Don Quixote | Brickplight 

Cenotaph, Lincoln Town Car | Steel Toe Review

Vetiver | IthacaLit

An EmptyingThe Saint Ann’s Review

Old Piano | New Orleans Review

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